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Leffe Andersson

Leffe was in front of his first audience and sang solo already as a seven year old boy and the interest in music has always been strong simce then.

He started playing guitar in his first band as a 15-year-old and when he turned 21 he took the step to devote himself to music full time. However, around 25, love and family life took over and the guitar ended up on the shelf for many years.

When the kids got big and he got a bit more time over, it was time for the music to take more space in his life.

Leffe has now a studio and a live/reherarsal room in his house and most of the music you can hear is recorded at home in Musikverkstaden i Spånga.

Eva Unger

Eva sang for the first time to an audience when she was eight years old. After high school, she chose the horses as her main interest and the music had to wait ...

It took as long as 30 years for the love of music to really come to life again and it required a riding / horse accident that changed everything. She remembered an old dream and bought her first guitar.

The guitar teacher challenged her to write 5 own songs during the break over Christmas and New Year 2014-2015 mostly for fun, but she took it very seriously.

Since then, Eva writes songs herself, with other songwriters and above all along with the love of her life.

LEVA - Music that touch you heart ❤️

Leffe & Eva have been playing and creating music together since they met in the spring of 2015. Leffe with his background as a guitarist in rock bands in combination with Eva's warm, safe and emotional voice is what creates the "LEVA Sound". A mix of reality's dark truths and naked vulnerability with bright elements of joy and love in lyrics and melody.

They write songs, record in the studio (own and others' music), arrange courses in songwriting, have music meetings and are out and play a little now and then so keep a look out here on the website and on the Facebook page for info about upcoming concerts and more.

Together with an engaged audience, a magical atmosphere is created. The interaction between the artists and those who listen is invaluable. You are everything!